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Integrating High-Speed Running (HSR) into Soccer Training: Practical Solutions

In previous posts, we talked a lot about the importance of the weekly distribution of HSR on match performance, injury prevention, and return-to-play (RTP) protocols in football. In case you missed it, I strongly recommend you take a look HERE and HERE. Today we’re going to dig deeper into the world of football coaching and…

Building The High Performance System: GNK Dinamo Zagreb Approach

Today it is my pleasure to host another brilliant guest blogger. I met Marko a few years ago while he was Head fitness coach of the Football Club Rudeš (Croatia). He is an exceptional young S&C coach and an even better person, who certainly has a lot to offer to the football public. Today, Marko…

Managing The In-Season Work in Professional Football: Controlling The Chaos!

Managing the training process of 25 to 30 football players during a competition could be a very complex job. The whole team is usually divided into several working groups according to individual needs, health status and the amount of playing time. At the same time, the groups are very changeable and are constantly separated and…

Motivation in Professional Sport: A Key to Success

In previous years, psychology in sports has experienced a great rise. It become almost impossible to imagine the everyday work of a professional football club without the presence of a sports psychologist. From my humble experience (trust me on this one), what psychology can do for a professional footballer in a short period of time…

If Undertraining is a Crime, then Poor Communication is the Main Suspect!

This blog post is inspired by Tim Gabbett’s work, especially paper If overuse injury is a ‘Training load error’, should undertraining be viewed the same way? from 2016, published in British Journal of Sports Medicine. In the past decade, Tim’s academic work has attracted a lot of attention among S&C coaches. Using brilliant common sense,…

High-Speed running and Sprinting in Professional Football: A Review

In my very first blog post, I’ll do my best to start a practice of bringing short and sweet 3 to 5 minutes reads. My major focus will be on quick review of novel research and everyday life of S&C coach, packed together with my personal opinion and ideas from practice, regarding Professional football environment.…

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